December 31, 2000

Research on Spanish in the United States

Research on Spanish in the United States: Linguistic Issues and Challenges
edited by Ana Roca

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xiv + 450 pages
publication date: December 2000

ISBN 978-1-57473-013-5 paperback, $32.95
ISBN 978-1-57473-113-2 library binding, $62.95

Research on Spanish in the United States is intended for use in courses, as well as by scholars and researchers interested in the area. The 29 original articles are organized into sections on interpreting; historical perspectives; borrowings of words and phrases; codeswitching, narratives, and discourse; sociolinguistics and pragmatics; phonology, morphology, and syntax; and language attitudes and planning. A complete table of contents is available on

Many of the chapters focus on regional aspects of Spanish in the US, ranging from sociolinguistic issues among Dominicans in New York and Cubans in Miami to the adoption and adaptation of forms from Nahuatl and English in the southwestern US. Other chapters discuss the outlook for the growing population of Spanish speakers in many areas of the United States, particularly in bilingual education and other public policy questions.

The book includes an introduction to the volume by Ana Roca and a history of US Spanish research by John M. Lipski.