November 15, 2008

Suggestions for a new edition of Surviving Linguistics

Front cover imageMonica Macaulay is working on a new edition of her very popular Surviving Linguistics: A Guide for Graduate Students. We’d like your suggestions: What would you like to see in a new edition? What changes would you make? What’s missing that you would like to see? Do you have advice of your own to offer to linguistics grad students and those considering graduate school in linguistics?

The current edition has some sections that are primarily aimed at grad students in North America. If you’re a professor or grad student elsewhere, tell us about graduate school where you are. How is it different from or similar to what is described in the book? Do you think the expectations and experiences of grad students are reasonably universal, given the natural variation in everyone’s personal experiences? Or is graduate school and the academic job search significantly different in Australia or Japan or Germany or England or elsewhere?

You can leave your short or long suggestions here in the comments, or send them via e-mail to Cascadilla Press or Monica Macaulay. We’re eager to hear from you!

November 13, 2008

2007 Second Language Research Forum (SLRF 2007)

Selected Proceedings of the 2007 Second Language Research Forum
edited by Melissa Bowles, Rebecca Foote, Silvia Perpiñán, and Rakesh Bhatt

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Cascadilla Proceedings Project (
vi + 262 pages
publication date: 2008

ISBN 978-1-57473-425-6 library binding, $270.00

This volume contains 19 papers selected from the 30th annual Second Language Research Forum (SLRF 2007), which was held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in October 2007. The papers are divided into sections on morphosyntax, pragmatics, phonology, awareness, conversation analysis, and heritage language acquisition. This volume is now available on the web, and the printed edition will ship in January 2009.

Proceedings from Cascadilla Proceedings Project are published in library binding and on the web. We offer free web access to the complete proceedings in PDF format through our web site,

Two earlier proceedings from the Second Language Research Forum (SLRF) are still available from Cascadilla Press:

SLRF 2000
The Past, Present, and Future of Second Language Research: Selected Proceedings of the 2000 Second Language Research Forum

SLRF 1999
Social and Cognitive Factors in Second Language Acquisition: Selected Proceedings of the 1999 Second Language Research Forum

November 6, 2008

Book exhibit at NELS

Cascadilla Press will be participating in the book exhibit at the 39th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society (NELS 39) at Cornell University from November 7-9, 2008. We’ll be displaying our recent books in theoretical and applied linguistics, as well as Arboreal, our popular syntax tree font for Mac and Windows.